BARFLY The Players


My new album is ready
It's my first in 19 years
Obvious there is no frequency Kenneth
It's the first time I've had the time and players
To do the songs justice
When you have a vision and a goal
And you find comrades to assist you
With station wagons full of faith
And meager compensation 
You ride the train ...16 coaches long
Brad Grimm..The Fuel
The solid stable bottom
The gas for the engine
The bump for the hip shake
Coming from a Heavier Musical background 
With an appreciation for all styles 
Brad found his spots to color the landscape 
Injecting grooves with tasteful  space
Chugging along towards the destination 
Jerry Coyne..The Engine
You can't move ahead without an engine
The instinctive skill to stay on the tracks
Makes all the difference 
When your steaming ahead
Or slowly pulling into the Station
The 1234 of sticks on skins
Are true
Jerry is Money
Locking in and driving us home
Steven E Adams..The Conductor 
My longtime consul 
In addition to all diverse and genre crossing
Lead guitar parts he
Produced,Mixed and Recorded
In his home and mobile studio Goblin Soup
Understanding the nuance of the lyrics
He coached and controlled the emphasis 
Of man possessed
Shouting at you through a Microphone 
Steve took the time and the effort
To make things right
I've walked down the road alone
But when you have pals behind you
United,Steady and Rambunctious 
You feel like you can go
Full Steam Ahead
and no one can stop you


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