Lucky 13 

Lucky 13
As we wind down the hours on 2013
I look back on what has been an eventful year
I released BARFLY my first album in 19 years
Worked with talented Musicians
Received a great response from fans and media
Played many exciting live shows
One highlight was being the
Opening act for one of my songwriting idols
Willie Nile
Having him call me up onstage during his encore
Appearing several times on KDKA radio with
John McIntire discussing the cd and
Pop Culture nonsense
As I look towards the future
Traveling on Tour…

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Barfly The Album 

   Barfly the Album

    Is a story of the road travelled by weathered boots that stood on the rickety stages of nightclubs and bars in Southwest Pennsylvania. It chronicles the triumphs and failures of the smallest of small businesses , The Independent Rock n Roll Band.

 Straight out the chute comes LITTLE JULIE whose dreams are as tall as a Marshall stack lead her to the Mecca of The Big Apple leaving behind the journeymen who taught her ,her first chords.

   MY FRIEND RICHARD is the time tested double…

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BARFLY The Players 


My new album is ready It's my first in 19 years Obvious there is no frequency Kenneth It's the first time I've had the time and players To do the songs justice When you have a vision and a goal And you find comrades to assist you With station wagons full of faith And meager compensation  You ride the train ...16 coaches long Brad Grimm..The Fuel The solid stable bottom The gas for the engine The bump for the hip shake Coming from a Heavier Musical background  With an appreciation for all styles  Brad… Read more

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