Barfly The Album

   Barfly the Album

    Is a story of the road travelled by weathered boots that stood on the rickety stages of nightclubs and bars in Southwest Pennsylvania. It chronicles the triumphs and failures of the smallest of small businesses , The Independent Rock n Roll Band.

 Straight out the chute comes LITTLE JULIE whose dreams are as tall as a Marshall stack lead her to the Mecca of The Big Apple leaving behind the journeymen who taught her ,her first chords.

   MY FRIEND RICHARD is the time tested double entendre exercise   which proves that however pure the  intentions are the motivation is always rooted deep within  in the loins .

  The Sullivan Show's grainy video of the Big Bang template set the standard. Even though the goal is severely unattainable the quest is always to be JUST LIKE ELVIS

The power of this guitar and the colored lights that reflect off of it grants me the absurd power to steal your girl's thoughts away. Because whatever she needs done, I can do it better than her OTHER MAN CAN

   On STAND NAKED the author states the hard case that he's willing to have his soul laid bare to tell the truth , as he understands it,no matter the consequences .

   There's a girl there's always a girl and the RODEO CLOWN hides his weakness and insecurities behind his mask of solitude.

 Rock n Roll dreams need to be financed ,sometimes it's by a huge corporation and sometimes it's by guy DELIVERING PIZZAS out the backseat of Chevrolet held together with gaffers tape.

  We sometimes tell ourselves we are the REGULAR JOE to blend in and cover what boils beneath the surface

   Everyone has to go to LOSANGELESE and sometimes you just come right back.

  The later the night gets the lower our expectations and standards fall. You can look around this room till your eyeballs hurt but you won't find anyone STRANGER THAN ME

   The perpetual circular motion of relationships can cause even the strong willed to be squeamish and dizzy still we all stand in line again and again to ride the HULA HOOP

 When a union ends because one party seeks greener pastures memories can haunt and feelings can linger but the most traumatic result is is the redistribution of the shared record collection hauled away in a brand new VOLVO

  ANITA EKBERG  is her name and  she danced in a black and white fountain . I don't ask you to be like her.. That would be crazy.

  When you ply your trade in these establishments of drink you pick up some nasty habits or you perfect the ones you showed up with.Whatever the judgmental say about my DRINKIN SMOKIN GAMBLIN and Foolin Around,I don't know and I don't care.

 I'm a BARFLY  baby and there's no place I'd rather be than right here right now drinkin with my friends .